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How To Shop For The Perfect Pair Of Shoes

  Do you know how many types of different shoes there are? Are you aware of which stores have the best prices? How about the fashion? Are you in the know about what’s hot? Even though people may have closets full of shoes, they still don’t know everything about them. So, continue to read to […]

Postnatal depression destroyed my confidence, I had to fight to win it back

Sam Mohamed-Ali knows that strength is a mental battle as well as physical one – because she has lived through that struggle and come through the other side. The single mother of two from Edmonton, London, was plunged into a deep depression after the birth of her second child and struggled with her weight and […]

Mum quoted £32,000 to transform her kitchen does it herself for just £2,000

When Catherine Norris, 36, was quoted £32,000 to transform her kitchen, she decided to just do it herself. The mum-of-one, from Leicester, ended up saving herself thousands, managing to complete the project on her own for just £2,000. And the end result is pretty incredible. Catherine, who runs her own business, Memory Thread Co, looked […]

Pizza delivery guy bursts into tears after winning money in cup game

There are many touching videos online of people generously tipping food delivery drivers. It’s usually the sincere emotion of the key workers that hits us in the feels and makes these videos go viral. The latest one that has warmed our hearts is Domino’s Pizza driver Bob who was invited in to play a game […]

Mum’s OCD made her terrified she would harm her baby

When Catherine Benfield, 39, gave birth to her son back in 2012, she was terrified she would harm her baby. The school teacher from East London suffered from maternal OCD, the development or worsening of symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder following welcoming a child. ‘I got to the point I couldn’t eat, sleep, look after […]

Farmers Plants 81 Acres Of Wildflowers, Feed More Than 1 Million Bees

Two pig farmers in Suffolk, England have succeeded in feeding one million bees after participating in a project that saw them turn over half their land to wildflowers. Four years ago, brothers Mark and Paul Hayward decided to fill 81 acres of their Dingley Dell land with nectar-rich wildflowers. This week, a study was carried […]

Man Brings Water To Thirsty Dogs In The Desert

A kind-hearted man brought food and water to dogs in the Saudi Arabian desert where temperatures exceed 120 degrees. A guy feeding thirsty stray dogs in the Saudi Arabian desert. It gets to 50 Celsius sometimes at this time of the year. Be kind to animals

Brave Mother Cat Runs Into Burning Building 5 Times To Rescue Kittens

A fearless mother cat ran into a burning building five times to save her kittens. When firefighters were called to the garage fire in Brooklyn they noticed the heroic cat carrying her kittens one by one out of the building. The mother cat, named Scarlett, went back into the burning building five times. “Scarlett herself […]