Day: July 3, 2020

Kurt Warner: Cam Newton can do with the Patriots what I did with the Cardinals

Kurt Warner was a league MVP with the Rams before injuries and ineffective play saw him get cut twice and largely viewed as washed up. And then he returned to form with the Cardinals and became a Pro Bowler and Super Bowl starter again. Warner thinks Cam Newton can follow a similar trajectory with the […]

School HPV vaccine policies could result in higher vaccination rates, reduction in cancers

A UCLA-led study has found that in two of three states and jurisdictions with policies that require students entering school to receive the human papillomavirus vaccine, vaccination rates among 13-to-17-year-olds were significantly higher than in surrounding states without such policies. In Rhode Island, the vaccination rate among adolescents was 91%, compared with an average of […]

Facebook frustrates advertisers as boycott over hate speech kicks off

Advertisements for more than 400 brands including Coca-Cola and Starbucks vanished from Facebook on Wednesday, after the failure of last-ditch talks to stop a boycott over hate speech on the site. U.S. civil rights groups have enlisted the multinationals to help pressure the social media giant into taking concrete steps to block hate speech in […]

Google’s Stadia controller finally works wirelessly with Android devices

It has taken more than six months, but Google’s Stadia controller now finally works wirelessly with Android devices. Google originally launched its Stadia service back in November as a subscription to stream games to TVs, Android phones, and the web. Wireless controller support was strangely missing at launch for Android devices, which meant you had […]

Farmers Plants 81 Acres Of Wildflowers, Feed More Than 1 Million Bees

Two pig farmers in Suffolk, England have succeeded in feeding one million bees after participating in a project that saw them turn over half their land to wildflowers. Four years ago, brothers Mark and Paul Hayward decided to fill 81 acres of their Dingley Dell land with nectar-rich wildflowers. This week, a study was carried […]