Day: July 3, 2020

NFL scheduled to begin training camps with all players July 28

NFL Football Operations sent a tweet Monday evening, saying the league has advised teams that training camps are expected to begin as scheduled July 28. The league’s general counsel, Jeff Pash, said the same in a conference call last Thursday. The NFL will allow rookies to start earlier. Panthers coach Matt Rhule said last week […]

Trouble paying medical bills can lead to longer episodes of homelessness, new study shows

Even before the pandemic left COVID-19 patients with staggering hospital bills, many people, especially those who are uninsured, were often overwhelmed with medical bills Research shows that medical debt burdens millions of Americans: Depending on how “medical debt” is defined, studies from nonprofits and academic institutions generally show from 16% to 28% of adults carry […]

In Brazil, delivery drivers for Uber, Rappi and others protest amid pandemic

More than a thousand food delivery drivers on motorcycles gathered in São Paulo on Wednesday to protest their work conditions, set by Uber Technologies Inc (UBER.N) and makers of other apps, as their services remain in high demand due to coronavirus lockdowns. The drivers seek better pay and improved health measures, with Brazil now a […]

Discord raises $100 million and plans to move beyond gaming

Discord on Tuesday announced it’s making a number of changes to expand its service beyond the gaming community. The company says the change is one its users have requested as Discord has become more of a tool for “day-to-day communication.” “Games are what brought many of you on the platform, and we’ll always be grateful […]

Man Brings Water To Thirsty Dogs In The Desert

A kind-hearted man brought food and water to dogs in the Saudi Arabian desert where temperatures exceed 120 degrees. A guy feeding thirsty stray dogs in the Saudi Arabian desert. It gets to 50 Celsius sometimes at this time of the year. Be kind to animals